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Surveillance Systems

CCTV camera is an integral part of building security. Annual maintenance and calibration is the key to maintaining the camera’s high performance. When these routine services are ignored, your risk increases.

CCTV equipment is used to observe activities in office buildings or in industrial plants primarily for surveillance and security purposes. It is done from a central control room, for example in industrial plants when the environment is not suitable for humans.

Modern CCTV displays comes in colour, high-resolution displays and can include the ability to zoom in on an image or track something (or someone) among their features. If talk CCTV is installed, it allows an overseer to speak to people within range of the camera’s associated speakers. More recently, decentralized IP cameras, some equipped with megapixel sensors, support recording directly to network-attached storage devices or internal flash for completely stand-alone operation is in use.

Our service team has worked on entire range of CCTVs. So when it comes to service of the Surveillance cameras, Unity comes first.

Designed with a tiered approach, the service packages we offer, allow you to select the level of service appropriate to your business requirements and your budget. Our technicians are uniquely qualified to keep your camera in peak operating condition for optimum reliability and accuracy in data collection.

Be it your industrial plants or corporate buildings, Unity Automation excels in working with CCTV surveillance system. Should your camera encounter hardware or software issues, Unity engineers can be of valuable service to your maintenance needs.

Our range of security systems support wireless camera connection. Not just that, we also have the option of remote viewing, enabling you to view security footage remotely either from a computer, your smartphone or tablet.

When you work with Unity Automation you can be reassured knowing that in any security camera failure, you’ll have fast and easy access to expert repair services and support.

Expertise of Unity Automation lies in providing the same level of factory service, regardless of the type or manufacturer of equipment.