Corporate office buildings are expensive, both to construct, and maintain. Hence it is natural to look for ways to reduce their costs and protect their investments. So what’s the solution? One method known as Building Management system is vital to the success of your company. It provides the ability to monitor and maintain the various systems in a building. Building Management system is vital to the success of your company.

Unity Automation can offer your company a variety of building management solutions. This will help you in effectively monitoring and managing every area of your business operation. Therefore, you can be in control and nothing is left to chance.

Your business can operate at its peak performance level and increase productivity when you install an integrated building automation system. A building management system is a computer system designed to keep track of and control the various systems in a building.

A BMS’ role is to facilitate the operation and evaluation of a building. It helps in controlling various building design parameters. When integrated with various building systems such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, security access control systems and lighting, the optimum in energy-efficiency and building management is derived.

Unity facilitates and effectively maintains interconnection of all systems networked to distribute and exchange data through a single interface that is quick, easy, transparent and effective. Unity Automation can integrate any system that is operating outside of the network so that all systems and operators are connected. We work with an adjustable design so that future expansion and realignment of any system can be easily adapted.

Unity provides a whole range of building automation products. Moreover, we don’t just have the range of products but will also cater to service & maintenance. So why go elsewhere?