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Facility Utility, Power Conditioning and Automation

Power conditioning equipments, automation and energy saving products protect your sensitive electronic equipment against power problems.

Power conditioning equipment is highly recommended since unplanned disturbances on the electric utility’s system can occur at any time. This is a modular unit, which combines Static Voltage Regulator, Isolation Transformer, Best Phase Selector, Auto Mains Failure, AC Distribution Panel, Lightning and Surge protection and Alarm systems to provide the Power Management Solution. But how do you decide the right power conditioning equipment to mitigate your power quality problem. And having purchased these equipments, what about maintenance and services to ensure that the equipments remain functional?

Plant managers recognize the importance of electrical system uptime and bringing down overall energy consumption for sustained productivity levels. To address this problem, they look for Power Management System that improves reliability of electrical distribution and reduces overall consumption.

Similarly, Voltage Stabilizers for industrial units are specifically designed to safeguard large electric equipments against voltage fluctuations. They provides complete power protection to sensitive electronic appliances

Proper selection and application of these equipments require an understanding of the type of disturbances that are likely to affect your specific equipment.

To help you cover all, from installation to product selection to maintenance, we use our comprehensive industry expertise and our holistic approach to provide you solutions.

UNITY provides power conditioning, automation and energy saving products for usage across industrial & commercial establishments. Our engineers service an array of products including Power Management System (PMS), Voltage Stabilizer, Power Distribution Frame, Phase & Neutral Balancing System (PNBS) etc. These products use latest technologies to ensure efficient performance in different environment.

Our highly efficient service for Power Conditioning, Automation and Energy Saving Products are available at most competitive prices.