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Operation, Installation and Maintenance service

Maintenance, installation, repair and operations When you run a big organisation, maintaining hardware equipments along with regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance ensure reliability and extend the life of these devices. Hardware equipments are critical part of any business and downtime is one of the most expensive consequences of even minimal neglect. Many offices believe it is worth to invest in Annual Maintenance Services to ensure unlimited on-site repairs, first priority emergency service calls and unlimited use of expert engineers.

Comprehensive AMC

Unity can be your comprehensive AMC partner to help you with the analysis of breakdowns/faults in the hardware and repairing/service the equipments. This includes spare parts replacement. Apart from this, preventive maintenance is also done, on a pre-determined/agreed-to frequency. Note: It excludes all physical mishandling or damages.

Non-Comprehensive AMC

This is similar to a Comprehensive AMC, but in this, the cost of spare parts replacement must be borne by the client. This usually means only service. Preventive maintenance comes under this and a consultant will advise on hardware bread down. More recently, ‘predictive maintenance’ is being employed, which uses sensor data to monitor a system. Consequently, it continuously evaluates data against historical trends to predict failure before it occurs. Unity provides customers with cost-effective maintenance solutions. We provide exceptional service and engineering expertise at reasonable prices. Our services are dependable, trustworthy and accountable.